Want to let people know that 

Stamping is YOUR Business!?!?

Let these items to the talking!


The SIMB Tote Bag!

The SIMB Coffee Mug!



Does this sound like you?:


"I don't know how to tell people about my stamping business 

without it sounding forced and unnatural."

We all know that the key to a successful stamping business is consistently recruiting new downline and customers.  Many people, however, choose not to talk about their business at all because they can't figure out a way to start the conversation.

I believe I have a couple of solutions...

A way to get people to come up and ask YOU about your stamping business...

Two powerful recruiting tools that will start the conversation for you:  

The "Stamping Is My Business!" Tote Bag!


The "Stamping Is My Business!" Coffee Mug!


The tote is a durable canvas bag is 15" high and 12" wide, with 24" handles.  It's black with red piping and bold, yellow lettering proudly proclaiming that "Stamping Is My Business!"

Carry this bag wherever you go, and you'll soon find people will come up to YOU to ask about your stamping business!

In addition to being a useful business-building tool, it's also very practical.  This tote bag is large enough for you to carry your stamping supplies, AND comes with a zippered pocket for your ink pads, business cards or whatever else you want easy access to.  It's dark color makes it very difficult to get dirty and insures that it will look sharp for a very long time.

The "Stamping Is My Business!" Tote Bag is $19.99, plus $3.00 shipping and handling.  

Order yours now!  And don't forget....they make excellent gifts for your downline!


Order Your Tote Bag Now!  $19.99


The Stamping Is My Business Coffee Mug is a porcelain, 11 oz. mug.  It's white with a bold, two-color logo (red with blue shadowing).  People from across the room will be able to see that "Stamping Is My Business!"

Use the mug for both hot and cold drinks.  Keep it on your desk at work to let people know what you do when you're not there.

Keep it on your desk at home to remind your family what you do, too!

These mugs make fantastic gifts!

Order Your Coffee Mug Now!      $12.99



Multiple Product Discount

If you would like to purchase more than five bags or mugs, please e-mail us directly for special discounts!


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